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Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Powerful Solutions to Transform the Real Estate & Housing Industry.

Being one of the largest industries in the world, Real Estate has immense potential of technology incorporation. While the large part of the real estate business still depends upon traditional tools and methods, Teksys Technologies works to create innovative and advanced solutions for the Real Estate & Housing Industry.

We create cutting-edge solutions like web portals, software solutions and mobile apps for real estate & housing industry. We create solutions like Auction / Property Portals, Auction Software / Reverse Auction Software, CRM / ERP Solutions, Web Applications & Portal Development, Real Estate Mobile Applications, Property Buy/Sell Portals, Tenant Management Solutions, Online Property Booking etc.

Real Estate Industry Solutions
Real Estate Industry Solutions
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Centralization of Lead

There are more real estate agents than the buyers. This creates the issue of lead centralization. Buyers do not get sufficient information to judge the quality.

Global Expansion

Real estate is among the sectors that has its worldwide presence. This enables you to push your boundaries and tap new marketplaces.

Foreign Ownership Laws

Different countries have different laws for real estate market which creates a chaos for global providers. There is no centralized governing body for the industry.

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Unique Customer Experience

Technology-drive solutions are capable of improving the customer experience. Quick turnaround and better decision making can be enabled with technology.

Market Fluctuations

The real estate market is highly prone to fluctuations which destroy the symmetry of price. The fluctuation depends upon many factors, some are uncontrollable.

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Digitization of Services

Virtual reality, 3D modeling, 3D tours, detailed property description, access to real world data through screens, etc are factors may improve property buying processes.

Escalating Operating Costs

Operating costs & business setup costs for real estate businesses is very high, which eliminates the chances of new investments in technology.

More Informed Buyers

Enabling technology in real estate delivers more information, making the buyers more informed. This increases the chances of better decision making.