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Teksys Technologies is a premier taxi aggregator solution provider company offering cutting-edge online Taxi booking Mobile App development services. If you have an cab booking mobile app idea that may change the world of transportation, taxi booking mobile app developers at Teksys help you with giving it a real-life shape. We create highly innovative, feature-rich and technology enabled solutions for Taxi Booking Mobile App Development, Taxi Booking Web Portal and Taxi Aggregator Apps that connect millions of users with your business.

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Next-Gen dispatch software

Running a business requires right tools. We build next-gen dispatch software that keeps your business running.

Detailed Fares

Configure your fares and share with your customers even if the trip cost calculation is off.

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Right tools for automation

Automate everything - your orders, bookings, drivers, customers & data with a centralized portal & app.

distrubation software
Multiple Channels for Drivers

Classify your fleet in drivers in different channels, making it easier for customers & drivers to choose their ride.

Rating and Reviews

Keeping your customers happy & your drivers motivated becomes easy with an advanced Rating & Review System.

Configure Multiple Rates

Configure different rates as per vehicle and destination. Manage the rates & fares from easy-to-manage backend.

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What you get?

Customized solutions, timely delivery and affordability.
  • Number Masking

    Number Masking, a feature that creates a communication channel between the customer & the service provider, increases customer safety significantly.

  • Localization

    Country-specific apps like Ola & Didi are more successful than Uber in their respective countries. Being local is a big advantage.

  • Payment Options

    Paying the exact cash has always remained a concern for customers. Availability of Payment Wallets may prove to be a big opportunity.

  • Intelligent Queue Algorithm

    Distribute the jobs between your drivers in a handy & fair way. The app forms a queue of all drivers reachable within 5 minutes to the customer, and send the job request to available driver.

  • Dispatch Panel

    A beautifully-built dispatch panel to manage your fleet and drivers. Enabled with advanced features like Beautiful, simple yet functional design, All your orders are in one place, more efficient service, Keyboard navigation and phone line integration and Worldwide geo-coding & location-tracking system.

  • Automated dispatch

    The Driver App is created with great perfection, making it easier for your drivers to navigate important data. Can be easily managed with their smartphones.

  • Automate Drivers’ Billing and Payouts

    We build a system that automates payment acceptance from your drivers. You may set different subscriptions, payment schedules and payment methods.

  • Fixed Rate Zones

    Create fixed rate zones for your passengers. Select popular locations and routes to charge fixed fares. Set fixed rates for airport trips or trips between two places. Set priority for overlapping zones, Promote rides with fixed rate cards on specific days, Attract more customers with fixed rates on ride sharing

  • GPS Technology

    We make the best use of GPS for you, your drivers and your customers. You can get accurate location of your cabs, your drivers can track the customer’s location and your customers sees a taxi coming on the map – everything in real time.

  • Cloud Operations

    By utilizing the power of Clouds, we enable your app to get thousands of requests per second. Also, we manage everything in technical operations so you can focus on your business growth.

  • Database Designs

    Being the most powerful and cost-effective solution, we make use of Apache Cassandra to give your business the advanced level of security and access. We also use other databases like HBase and MongoDB as per your unique business requirements.

  • Real-time Analytics

    Get a fully customized Analytics Panel powered by DB infrastructure, data structures and algorithms. It keeps you in control with your operational data and help you reach on time-sensitive events to build projections.

  • 1-Click Taxi Button

    1-Click Taxi Button allows your passengers to book taxi in 1-Click from hotels, restaurants, bars and other public places in your city.

  • Simple Interface

    The app is easy to use for you, your drivers and passengers. Large fonts & buttons, smart interface and understands multiple languages.

  • Set pickup on the map

    Enable GPS or start typing your address – the app recognizes your exact location. You may set your pickup location on the map.

  • Follow the driver

    Track the exact location of the driver and see him coming in real-time. Push-notifications, arrival time and one-tap calling button.

  • Pickup at nearby location

    Set your pickup location at a nearby public place like monument, bar, airport, store etc. Large database of public locations.

  • Increased safety and trust

    App comes with advanced safety measures & quick-contact options providing your passengers with extra safety and a secured ride.

  • Personalized service

    More details about you, your business and your driver ensures personalized service for your customers, winning their loyalty & trust.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Your passengers may pay through different options such as cash, wallet and credit/debit cards, making payment processing easier.

  • Dedicated Teams

    The resource solely works for your projects . This way, you get the full control over his time and usability.

  • Flexible Environment

    You are free to choose to employ the developer at our development center or may hire at your corporate office.

  • No Hidden Cost

    We charge what we quote. We hate financial jargons and believe in complete transparency as it comes to costs.

  • NDA Security

    If you want to sign an NDA, we will do it for you. We make all the necessary provisions for protecting your app idea.

  • Source Code Authorization

    Upon completion, you receive the code that belongs to your project. It remains your property and will we make sure for not disclosing it on any grounds.

  • 24x7 Support

    To avoid any kind of communication barrier, we adopt on all the interactive modules for staying connected. We are ready to help at any time of the day.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    We allow you to keep an eye on the entire development process. We provide Real-time reporting for maintaining a justified transparency.

  • Security and IP Protection

    We keep our workstations secure with advanced security parameters and IP Protection. Thus, we ensure total security for you.

  • On Time Delivery

    We work day and night when required to meet short deadlines and ensure your project is delivered on time, always!

  • QA Tested & Bug Free Solution

    FREE Quality Analysis Support is offered with the developer. We always make it a point to double-check your project so in case of any bugs or loopholes, they get fixed.

  • Quick Team Scaling

    If you need to scale-up or scale-down your team as per your requirements, we assist you in quick team scaling. Simply let us know, and we’ll take immediate action.

  • FREE Technical Support

    You have our tech team, all along the development cycle and after that. In case any help is required, call us anytime.

  • Onsite

    Hire the developer and employ at our resourceful development center. You are kept informed of all things with on-time reporting & advanced communication channels.

  • Offsite

    Do you need advanced support? Employ the developer at your corporate office and get the benefits of a full-time resource without overhead costs.

  • Hybrid

    Get the best of flexibility and control. Get a consultation & project management team at your location, and let the implementation work done by your team at our center.

  • Fixed Price

    For Startups & Small Businesses - Suitable for projects when it’s possible to evaluate the time & cost of development. After analyzing your project idea we give you a quote. Once approved, you start working with your resource.

  • Dedicated Hiring

    For Mid and Large-sized projects - Suitable for projects with very little scope of addition on-the-go. Hire your developer and he will be dedicatedly working for you. It best suits startups and mid-sized businesses.

  • Hourly Basis

    For Sole Entrepreneurs & Ongoing Projects - Suitable for ongoing projects and projects with an extensive scope of additions. Hire your resource and pay-as-you-go. It best suits large projects & entrepreneurs requiring some expert support.